I just got a copy of Rogue and I'm giddy like a schoolgirl. It's a dream of mine to contribute to this style and culture beacon. My editor, Nicola Sebastian, and I have been trying to agree on a topic for months and after a few false starts, we've settled on art. It's one of the things I love writing about and I'm doubly excited that I made it in on their yearly art issue! 

The Art of Seeing was inspired by John Berger's, "Ways of Seeing"- a book and a BBC series that demystified how we looked at paintings. Personally, it encouraged me to have a dialog with art instead of trying to label it and critique it. So I thought it'd be interesting to have people from different walks of life do the same. I asked an artist, a student, a banker, a nurse, and an art curator to tell me what they thought of Clockwise by John Jose Santos III.

If you're interested to read it, you have four days to get a copy. Or you can hop on over to Reese Lansangan's site. She's the young artist I interviewed for the piece. She scanned a copy and put it on her splashy blog, which I absolutely heart. 

Btw, for this issue my friend JP Cuison drew about the history of Philippine comics. As of this writing, it's garnering interest because Gerry Alanguilan is adamantly opposing the influence of Carlo J. Caparas on the Philippine indie comic scene. I wonder how that hullabaloo will pan out. Nonetheless, this is a power-packed issue with interviews on Leeroy New and Ronald Ventura.