Today is the inauguration of President Noynoy Aquino and despite the fact that I did not vote for him and I've actually tried my best to dissuade others from doing so, I am ready to support him. Democracy dictates that majority wins so I'll give him a shot because more than 40% of my Filipino brothers believes in him. I just want to look back on May 10, 2010- Election Day.

This day will go down in my personal history as my first time to vote (I was out of the country the last time around.) This was me hoping for the best. 
The precinct in Quezon City where looked like a campaign hurricane blew past it. People were shoving sample ballots in your face every two meters. It was an endless sea of names and faces where no wall was left untouched. Check out the kid picking his nose. It was a dirty day indeed.

They really should demand that whatever these candidates put out, they must take back. Take responsibility for your trash!

This is my niece and godchild Trixy. She's so cute. She was rooting for Villar in the beginning but switched to ERAP a couple of days before the elections. ERAP has got some kind of magic. I'm so glad you're not old enough to vote, Trixy.

My nephew is practicing how to vote. Voter's education should begin as early as possible. People need to know the criteria for choosing a good leader.

My boyf designed the baller bands for Bayani. I brought some to give away and I got mobbed.
Why make a political statement when you can make a fashion statement?

Though Noynoy is my president. I want to remember who I voted for that day. I think it was too radical of a choice. Change comes slow. Someday.