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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The most serene vacation I've had on any Philippine island. 
I don't know what everyone was so frightened of. 

Siquijor provided some much needed downtime for me. I caught up on my reading and meditating in the morning. Then, I had hearty meals and lots of drinks at night. The resort was  amazing. It was quiet and secluded but it had all the amenities  to keep a rambunctious group entertained. By all, I mean a foosball table and a swimming pool with a bar. The service people addressed us by our first names. So if you're headed to Siquijor, I recommend  Coco Grove Beach Resort. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Advertising serves as the carnival mirror for our society- poking fun at us while simultaneously making us laugh. These two commercials share a real insight at how we Pinoys go to great lengths to make more money. 

 Cebuana Lhullier Pera Padala Raket 
 Sarah selling longganisa is hilarious. I too dabbled in Lucban longganisa reselling. 

 McDonald's McSavers Dance 
This hits home because I work in advertising. I once was part of a pitch 
where we sang, “Don’t Stop Believing” to win back a disgruntled client. 

These spots make us smile because it's true. But do we really just take on extra work because life is hard? Or do we have an innate need to bring home more than what’s expected? Take everyone’s hardest working boxer/ congressman/ host/ endorser/ recording artist/ husband/ and father. 

Does Manny do it for the money?

After the controversial fight, he was going back to opis to do some work. Never has a champion boxer uttered those words. Go back to the opis?!? This is a guy whose net worth is estimated to be in  $26 million to $70 million range. Does he really need to work or does he want to work?

Filipinos are Such Hard Workers
1.     We Have Big Families-
Providing for the family is the driving force for a majority of our countrymen. When your family includes your 3 sons, their families, your out-of-work siblings, your mom and your dad, there is no choice but to take on more work.
2.    The Concept of Sayang-
Pinoys don’t like anything going to waste. Having a party? Pack the leftovers. Bought a can of ice cream? Reuse the packaging. If the opportunity to make more money is there, are we not wired to make full use of it?
3.   We’re a Rice Culture-
In Malcolm Gladwell’s book, “the Outliers”, he talks about how Asians are generally more hardworking than Europeans simply because we used to grow rice and they used to grow potatoes. We worked throughout the year to yield a harvest while Europeans worked seasonally then slept once winter came.
4.    Multitasking is in Our Nature- 
Just look around your village and see how many home business there are. A house is not just a home; it can also be a sari-sari store, a bakery, a dress shop, and an Internet cafe. So an actor can be a politician. A teacher can be in sales. And a copywriter can be a blogger. Again, sayang kasi.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Here's a quick plug of the new Esquire Philippines video. It's so sensual and the soundtrack is just spot on. I've never heard of the jazzy soul act- Pinoy Pasta Groove, until my boyfriend started showing me this vid (over and over if I may add). Now, that tune is stuck in my head. I want to hear more Pasta Groove. But yes, enough rambling. Please watch the video. 

If you're drooling, wipe off the dribble, then please go to the Esquire Philippines Facebook Page and click LIKE. They promised to release Solenn's 2nd video if they get 5,000 LIKES.  Personally, that yet-to-be-released video is my all-time favorite Esquire video so I urge you to act with haste to get a peek. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Here's an inspiring work-related post to jump start the 4-day work week. Meet Co.Lab Manila, an alternative workplace created to spark collaborative infusion among like-minded individuals. For people who have no choice but to work in Coffee Bean or Starbucks, try this instead. The entrance fee is around P500 (I think) and you get to meet some awesome people- as you can see from the video below.  

Their company descriptor: co.lab serves as a hub to a collaborative community that share the same values of entrepreneurship, creativity, and integrity. This shared workspace is ideal for freelance professionals, home office workers, start-up businesses, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and graduate students.         

Check them out at: 
4/F Optima Building, 221 Salcedo Street. 
Legaspi Village, Makati City 1229, Philippines 
tel: + 632.759.5000 / local 115 fax: + 632.759.3270

Also related, a link on Hong Kong's 5 Best New Design Spaces . Great ideas should be replicated,  experimented on, and perfected.  So yes, we should do this in Manila. ASAP. This should come naturally for the people who came up with the concept of bayanihan. Give me a holler if you're interested in coming up with more interesting alternative offices/coffee shops/galleries. I certainly am. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Before you proceed to the Iza video, I just wanted to take the opportunity to post pics of the epic Esquire launch. It's a month-old but everyone from the guests, to the contributors, to the writers, to the artistas glammed it up big time. I can't not blog about it. 
Me with the boyf
 Monica Angeles, Joey Ong, and Vince Uy
 Advertising bigwigs (two of them are my bosses)
Manny Nepumuceno, creator of Dancing Asians
Wella and Budjette Tan, Marlo Ongpin, and Chris Costello 

A great party and a momentous night for all but most especially for my boyfriend, Marlo, and our friend, Chris. They had their first taste of creating a girly video for a major Philippine magazine. This first month featured the lovely, Lovi Poe. 
This month, they have one featuring the bubbly (and bouncy), Iza Calzado. 
These boys have the best job in the world!  
And for saying that, I'm expecting my boyfriend to get me this month's Esquire. Interestingly, it's a woman's issue. I'd love to see what the magazine, which claims to be for the man at his best, has to say about us girls. 

Thanks to Brandie Tan for the great photos! (I need a camera that fits my purse.)