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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm so excited for this Saturday. Two of my favorite young artists are having their exhibit at Heima, Cubao X. I need to prepare some creative questions to bug them with on their big night.  In the meantime, here's a moody video to get you into the, "Hello Sailor" mind space. 


In collaboration with HeimaSoleil Ignacio and Tokwa Penaflorida's two-man show entitled, “Hello Sailor”, is an exhibit of watercolor works on paper. The artworks revolve around representations of water-dwelling creatures—mermaids, sirens, water nymphs with flowing locks amongst lithe bodies, and gazes that are transformed and transfixing—all paradoxical depictions of agelessness and beauty. Revisiting old tales of desire and seduction, dreams of the conquests of men at sea, their inevitable longing for temptresses are delicately captured in these pallid and frail wraiths. 

See you at: Hello Sailor exhibit launch featuring Thursday Room's Soleil Ignacio and Tokwa Penaflorida is on Saturday, April 14, 2012, 8PM at Heima Cubao X

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I am not a fashion blogger, but somehow, I'm always fashionably late. Here I am posting about an event that happened 3 weeks ago. But I just can't not recap my Platform experience. It was such a treat to culminate the Postura Project's 30-day challenge at Manila's first youth culture convention. 
We unveiled our Postura Project video. Here we are looking like pros (but being completely unprepared) for our onstage interview by Sarah, a Postura Project initiator herself. 
The Postura gang after our interview with GMA Online. Click here for the article. 
Here I am with the project's biggest supporter. Marlo Ongpin along with MLH created the video and the website for us. 
This is Soleil Ignacio's wall. Seeing it blown up to 9 feet tall was impressive. 
I got this from one of the albums at the Platform page. Such a pretty girl and her dress suits this Postura Photo wall so well. I hope she doesn't mind that I reposted it. 
The artist and his creation. Tokwa Penaflorida posing in front of his Manghahabi. 
I keep saying how the vibe at Platform was great. I've never been to a party bazaar before but there's so much to do. I found myself just wanting to sit down and take it all in. Of course, I didn't get to because I had to shop. Got myself new kicks and a set of lovely earrings. 
While I was there, people were already asking when the next Platform event was going to be and here are some reasons why I think it should be sooner rather than later. 
1. Platform is a great avenue for creative entrepreneurs to mingle and get to know others. 
2. Although, I discovered a lot of amazing new brands, I know there are tons more that need the limelight. 
3. It's so much fun. With that, I rest my case. 

I wasn't able to take a lot of photos during the event-  just so overwhelmed with talking to people and gearing up for the interviews. It made me a bit sad because I wanted to feature the photo walls that the artists worked so hard on. So, I was so thankful to have found others who so diligently snapped great shots.