I am not a fashion blogger, but somehow, I'm always fashionably late. Here I am posting about an event that happened 3 weeks ago. But I just can't not recap my Platform experience. It was such a treat to culminate the Postura Project's 30-day challenge at Manila's first youth culture convention. 
We unveiled our Postura Project video. Here we are looking like pros (but being completely unprepared) for our onstage interview by Sarah, a Postura Project initiator herself. 
The Postura gang after our interview with GMA Online. Click here for the article. 
Here I am with the project's biggest supporter. Marlo Ongpin along with MLH created the video and the website for us. 
This is Soleil Ignacio's wall. Seeing it blown up to 9 feet tall was impressive. 
I got this from one of the albums at the Platform page. Such a pretty girl and her dress suits this Postura Photo wall so well. I hope she doesn't mind that I reposted it. 
The artist and his creation. Tokwa Penaflorida posing in front of his Manghahabi. 
I keep saying how the vibe at Platform was great. I've never been to a party bazaar before but there's so much to do. I found myself just wanting to sit down and take it all in. Of course, I didn't get to because I had to shop. Got myself new kicks and a set of lovely earrings. 
While I was there, people were already asking when the next Platform event was going to be and here are some reasons why I think it should be sooner rather than later. 
1. Platform is a great avenue for creative entrepreneurs to mingle and get to know others. 
2. Although, I discovered a lot of amazing new brands, I know there are tons more that need the limelight. 
3. It's so much fun. With that, I rest my case. 

I wasn't able to take a lot of photos during the event-  just so overwhelmed with talking to people and gearing up for the interviews. It made me a bit sad because I wanted to feature the photo walls that the artists worked so hard on. So, I was so thankful to have found others who so diligently snapped great shots.