We’ve been working hard on revamping the Postura Project site. To kick off the next phase of the challenge, we needed to stuff our closets with more Filipino finds. Thankfully, Zalora stepped in and collaborated with us. Arriane, David, and I got to choose outfits for their, “Wear Your Independence” campaign. That's us wearing Filipino brands carried by Zalora!

It was my first time to put together an outfit board and it was surprisingly fun. A lesson learned when doing these boards, best to start with a focal point like a dress, a bangle, or a shoe that catches your attention. Then pick things that suit it. I went the long route and chose everything I wanted and then put it together. It took me forever! But I’m still proud of the result.

The first look is obviously inspired by our flag. I’ve always wanted to get a flag dress made but it’s against NHI policy to do so. I guess a coordinate red, blue, and yellow ensemble is the closest I’ll get to that. Unless, I decide to break the rules. Heehee. 

 The second look is stuff I’d wear to the office. No, I don’t dress that formally everyday. Perhaps, for an important client presentation when I need to bring out the prim and proper. My favorite is the black bag with cool hardware. And of course, the dress. Pockets on dresses are brilliant. 

This third look is weekend wear. I can imagine taking this to Boracay and wearing it from sunrise to happy hour. Starting with the bikini and then using the dress as a cover up. The sandals, I really love. It has T’boli (or Ikat) print that I think is just very tribal chic. 

This last look has a neutral palette but it can go from work to party, perfect for a Friday night. The guy’s polo adds just the right roughness to make a casual cover up. Take it off the dress and I’m ready to go clubbing. (Who am I kidding? I don't go clubbing!) If I did, I'd love to be ready in this :)

I get to wear one look to the big Zalora Independence Day Party. See which one on Monday night! Open bar from 9pm-11pm. Come and party with us! 

freeway black and white dress : http://www.zalora.com.ph/Short-Dress-14006.html#

T'boli Truly
bungalow 300 pillow : http://www.zalora.com.ph/P-IB-IAL-24134.html
sapato manila shoes cream :http://www.zalora.com.ph/Lala-13055.html
sapato manila shoes black : http://www.zalora.com.ph/Lala-13057.html

Brown Raise:
men's slippers: http://www.zalora.com.ph/Mens-Leather-Slippers-14532.html