Before you proceed to the Iza video, I just wanted to take the opportunity to post pics of the epic Esquire launch. It's a month-old but everyone from the guests, to the contributors, to the writers, to the artistas glammed it up big time. I can't not blog about it. 
Me with the boyf
 Monica Angeles, Joey Ong, and Vince Uy
 Advertising bigwigs (two of them are my bosses)
Manny Nepumuceno, creator of Dancing Asians
Wella and Budjette Tan, Marlo Ongpin, and Chris Costello 

A great party and a momentous night for all but most especially for my boyfriend, Marlo, and our friend, Chris. They had their first taste of creating a girly video for a major Philippine magazine. This first month featured the lovely, Lovi Poe. 
This month, they have one featuring the bubbly (and bouncy), Iza Calzado. 
These boys have the best job in the world!  
And for saying that, I'm expecting my boyfriend to get me this month's Esquire. Interestingly, it's a woman's issue. I'd love to see what the magazine, which claims to be for the man at his best, has to say about us girls. 

Thanks to Brandie Tan for the great photos! (I need a camera that fits my purse.)