So guess where I'm headed this long weekend? 
Why, to the beautiful beaches of Siquijor of course! 
To experience an All Souls Weekend dedicated to experiencing the occult- a weekend of  ghost hunting and possible interactions with aswang locals, in one of the most mystical islands in the Philippines!

I was very enthusiastic about all of that until friends started warning me with their stories of "kulam". Kulam is actually a Tagalog noun which literally means bewitchment or hex. If you irk a powerful mangkukulam (voodoo witch lady), a spell as trivial as a persistent itch and as bad as vomiting cockroaches can be cast on you . Horror writer, Yvette Tan, said that Siquijor was a lovely place but she came back with two of her fingers seemingly having a life of their own. She couldn't type properly for days. That definitely made me think twice about about ghost hunting. Also, I might just skip the town tour and stay in my comfy resort. 

I researched on how to steer clear of trouble in spooky provinces, but I couldn't find anything useful. So I guess I'll just rely on the advice of my friends. 

 Advice from Friends:
1. Don't eat anything.
2. Try not to be touched by anyone.
3. Don't stand out. 
4. Last but not least, huwag kumirengkeng
(Meaning, don't be too flirty or flamboyant)

Real useful stuff. Wish me luck everyone!