This weekend is a rainy blur. I've never tried to do two art openings in one night before so please forgive me for not being able to jot down the artists' names. I shall remedy this as soon as I figure it out. The night started out mellow at the Manila Contemporary
The owner, Valentine Willie greeted us with, "Thank you for braving the rain." 

No. No. No. Thank you.

Manila Contemporary always puts on amazing openings. This one was entitled, "Clouds & Wings: Alwin Reamillo and Juliet Lea"

For this gallery, art isn't static. They understand how art permeates all pores of life and that one form of art inspires another. Art is not just something you mount on the wall.

Avant-garde Filmmaker Khavn dela Cruz is also an accomplished pianist. 
Looking spiffy in that suit, Khavn!

Famous painter Popo San Pascual takes the seat. My boyf is pretty unhappy at this point. The crowd is noisy and he can't hear the music. (He plays piano too.)

My boyf is also slightly irked because he can't make out the shapes clearly. 

I took a moment to appreciate not being color-blind (by posing with the painting). 
We then headed to my friend's exhibit, "20/20: Likhalayaan Exhibit". A collaborative effort between 20 artists and 20 photographers. I spotted some interesting stuff.

 This one reminded me of an ad idea I pitched recently. So naturally, I think its BRILLIANT!

I like this mirror. I probably would not want to look at it while brushing my teeth though.

This leaves you with a nice fuzzy feeling.

This one too. Kind of.

I'll end with my photographer friend, Kaity Chua. She's light-headed and happy that she's done with her first exhibit. Yes Kaity, you may now assume the tortured artist pose.