Pain medicine is such a difficult category to do ads for because all the great ideas have been claimed, used, and beaten dead. Maybe, that's why a lot of brands just get an endorser, who can mouth of cutesy lines, to do all the work. When I first saw these Saridon print ads, I was impressed with its cheekiness. It’s a novel way to visualize a hackneyed problem. The idea is simple: a persistent headache is one that mimics your every move, detering you from the task at hand. 

I just loved the gritty Philippine setting combined with the characters: a wet market vendor, a carpenter, and a labandera (laundry woman). Everyday people hard at work- not the typical “aspirational” office worker or artista (actor). These are the people that really need pain relief. They deserve to be featured on ads!  

Congrats to the BBDO Team who came up with it. Brilliant. A Silver Clio is just the beginning, guys!