Things are whirling fast around me. Work. Vacation plans. All the things I need to fix before heading off to the States. I didn't really have time to plan a birthday party so I had a simple celebration that was in-keeping with the musamanila ideals of promoting our culture. I present to you the very Filipino way of pairing pandesal with ice cream.

My Ice Cream Pandesal Party

1. Get pandesals from your local bakery. Remember half a scoop goes into one small pandesal. Try to get colorful flavors like ube, pandan, chocolate, and cheese.

2. There are no rules. Just scoop it out and put into the bread. Best if the pandesal is warm so it contrasts with the coldness of the ice cream.  Add your own Filipino toppings like Chocnut and Polvoron.

3. Enjoy with friends!