JP Cuison, advertising wonder kid, rock star, and and artist extraordinaire has released his gig posters to the wild. So now you can have a piece of his zaniness for you very own. Get it at Secret Fresh at the Ronac Art Center.
I got this Rizal Cyborg silk screen and I consider it one my best art purchases. I'm not going to say for how much but these posters are retailing for P2,500. Not too bad if you've scanned how much some art pieces are going for nowadays. 

What I really like about JP (aside from his killer Robin Padilla impersonations) is that he's managed to make our Filipino jeepney aesthetic cool. The jeepney aesthetic is a fantastically confused artform that's a hodgepodge of anything and everything we like. Look at the side of any jeepney and you'll see what I'm talking about. Filipinos just have this need to put their faith, their love for anime, a portrait of their first born, and anything they fancy in one canvas for all to see. JP's work is about turning over popular symbols by infusing it with unrelated imagery. Sometimes, it turns out ironic. Sometimes, it's just plain strange. Either way, it's electric. 

Oh, they're also selling toys from JP Cuison and other artists.