Brave Use of Coffin as Advertisement by St Peter Memorial Chapel

I work in an ad agency where we often pass around ads we think are particularly clever or insightful. Today, our big boss emailed this to us hailing it the "Ad of the Month". He was kidding. I think. Well, it made me laugh because despite its somewhat crude and morbid nature, it encapsulates how Filipinos view death. It's certainly not the end so why be so mopey about it? Most of the wakes I've been too had riotous moments of uncontrollable laughter. Even the most tragic ones had a point when we were all chugging down alcohol and recalling the funny situations we had shared. Filipino wakes are notorious occasions for gambling and karaoke singing. Weddings and deaths are really the big events that bring families together so why not make the most of it?

Our Creative Director for Digital says that St. Peter really does go out of their way to be innovative. They're the first ones to come out with the e-burol (translated to e-wake) so that loved ones from abroad don't have to miss out. Here's their website: St. Peter Memorial Chapel