Over the weekend, me and and a bunch of friends traveled to Puerto Galera to take part of the Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival. It was spectacular see this unique concert venue situated on top of mountain.  Here I am hitching a ride with wooden lizard which by the way is a work of art. We're riding down to the grassy amphitheater below.
There were a lot of interesting art pieces to be found at the festival. They even constructed a Mangyan Village where artists could sleepover for the night. Billy Bonnevie, a friendly resident artist, would sit down and give you lessons on village life and music. I dig his threads.
I wish I could look as funky wearing something like that. But I do love this sarong dress that I picked up from the market beside our resort. It's a steal of P180 plus it matches my necklace perfectly.
I was there to support one of the organizers, Olivia d'Aboville, who also happens to be an artist. She works with discarded plastics and dramatic lighting to create stunning visual statements. You can tell what these are made off. It was wrapped around a tree and lit in blue. 
Olivia's family set this up to support the Mangyans, comprised of the eight indigenous groups found in Mindoro. They used to inhabit the shores of the island but were driven higher and higher up the mountains to preserve their way of life. Now that development is so widespread, it may just encroach upon them again. So where are they to go? I think some of the art tried to communicate those issues.  
Serious concerns aside, the event was so much fun to be a part of. The nights were breezy, the people were warm, and the vibe was chill.  On the first night, the full moon shone bright like nature's big nighlight. I loved the organic feel of it all. How I could just head over to the Tree Bar and get some drinks, lay there and take in the music, or  jump to my feet and start dancing. 
The only thing that I would suggest they improve on would be the music selection which had too many genres. You'd be feeling the groove of world music but then it'd be followed up by some abstract techno. It kind of killed the buzz for some music lovers. However, I discovered a new band that I liked. Kadangyan. Their sound is has that Filipino island beat but mixed in with modern music. They used indigenous instruments and wore traditional garments. Alavet.
The best trip of the year so far. It really reminded of why I loved going out of town. This is me with my half frown and the "Tibetan" bag from I got from Beijing (A reminder of the need to help our disenfranchised cultures. How apt.) How I wish I could have stayed in that hut for a little while longer.