Tricia Gosingtian at New York Fashion Week

I was reading the reactions to Tricia's little, "in the Philippines, it's not that fashion forward" slip.  To start off, I do think she's extremely lucky to have gotten this gig. We should be proud that someone from the Philippines got to be part of Tumblr's influential 20. Though a lot of people are disappointed and even angered at her statement, I'm putting my poker face on. The truth is Tricia Gosingtian is not a Filipina. Her roots are Chinese. She aspires to be Japanese. She looks like she stepped off a Korean fashion catalog (the ones that tag me on Facebook) and she has a Valley Girl accent. Filipinos shouldn't be mad at her for distancing herself from her mainly Filipino fan base. The question to be asked here is why she has such a fan base.

We (admittedly even me to a slight extent) admired as she deliberately and obviously distanced herself from Filipino culture. But then why do we spark an outrage when she accidentally disses the Philippines?

"Like" duh. Poker face.