Taken by Cars is one of my favorite Filipino bands so when I heard they're releasing their sophomore album I was psyched. I haven't had time to go to one of their gigs or get their album so it was awesome stumbling upon their new video for their single, "This is Our City" directed by music video auteur  Quark Henares.

I love the idea of having Intramuros as a backdrop with the girls styled in modern baro't sayas. It reminded me of the shoot I had with Kaity Chua in Intramuros. I was experimenting with the idea of creating a fashion blog solely dedicated to modern Filipiniana fashions. But I realized how logistically difficult that would be. The main problem being I don't have enough Filipiniana clothes to modernize. While I'm slowly building up my wardrobe, my goal is just to wear something Filipino made or designed every single day. Just a little way for me to support our Filipino designers and retailers.

Here are the shots of that shoot. My interpretation of a modern baro't saya.

These photos were taken on the sly because the Intramuros Administration doesn't allow photo shoots (fashion editorials or wedding photos) without a permit. But, but I'm just a blogger! I think it's silly because the more beautiful photos of Intramuros out there, the more people will be curious to see it. A lot of our countrymen are not even aware of our walled city. Start charging when the tourists are flocking in by the hundreds of thousands. For now, let us help you promote it.