I’m back in Manila and after posting all my vacation pics, I remembered how many times a random American stopped me to ask where I got my duds. Of course, I make it a point to wear something Pinoy everyday so that got me beaming. I would tell them proudly but politely, “I got this in the Philippines!”. So in honor of all the stuff that got me great compliments, here’s a collage of all the things they loved. It just goes to show how Pinoy craft stands out everywhere in the world.

The pants below got a lot of attention too. In one day, I got stopped thrice by women of different ages who wanted to know where they could get it for themselves. I'll let you all in on the big secret- I got it at the Ramp for P300. That's just $7 dollars! 
The great thing about Pinoy crafts is that it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg. Most of the stuff here I got at Kultura with the price ranging from P200 - P1200. Except the cyan cuff (Php 550) and ring (Php 350) which I got from Maria Pilar Menendez, a designer at the Salcedo Market.

I shot it against the stuff against an American landscape just for fun and it turned out better than expected. While on the trip, I reconnected with an old friend,  Michael John Sison, a registered nurse by day and a budding photographer on his off days. He edited the pics and gave it a High Dynamic Range effect. I'm really tripping on HDR- it makes all the colors pop! Thanks again Michael!