This Sunday is kind of a big deal for the Postura Project because it marks the end of our 30 day challenge. We'd really love for everyone to join us at the Platform event. Here, we will be presenting the very talents we're trying to promote through the project. Click here for the details.

So if you're wondering, what there is to do at Platform...
Here are my suggestions in an easy-to-follow instructional format.

1. Wear something Filipino and head over to Ronac Art Center in Greenhills. 
2. Be there at 2pm for the unveiling of the Postura Project video. Wheee!
3. Take a break. Go to the loo. Get a drink or two.
4. Have your photo taken on the art wall. Then post it on the Postura FB page. Best photos win goodies! 
5. If you see me around, approach me! Say, "HI!". I'd love to hear your thought/ ideas on the Postura Project. Although some people say I look snobbish, I assure you, it's because I'M BLIND. Well, I have astigmatism which I am curing by using, the Secret. It has yet to work so bear with a slightly squinty me. 
6. Have fun! Drink! Dance! Shop! Have fun! Drink! Dance! Shop! Have fun! 

This is Manila's First Youth Culture Convention!
If you're interested in this event, then you are young, 
and the future of the Philippines is ours to make ;)

Oh, here's a sneak peak at the wonderful Art and Photo Walls created to promote Postura. I'm still amazed and thankful at how many people just readily embraced the Postura Project, contributing their passions, their talent and most importantly their time! Here are just 5 of those individuals with their works. 

An accomplished fashion illustrator, Soleil Ignacio created this work based on the duality of fashion and art. 
My friends Sugar Perez and Monica Angeles made this flora and fauna inspired collage. These girls are the uber-talented design duo behind the banig logo for DOT's campaign, "It's more fun in the Philippines!" 
This one is from Tokwa Penaflorida. A former adman turned full time artist, he also designed our web logo. This piece is a manghahabi, or a weaver. It's inspired by the Igorots and their tattoo tradition. 
Last but not least is this maximalist illustration by Katrina Pallon. Two Maria Claras enveloped in full floral blooms. Love. Love. Love.

I cannot wait to see these works blown up  and mounted for everyone to see! 
Tomorrow, come quick :D