About the Postura Project and Highlights of My 15 Days as a Fashion Blogger.

It has been crazy challenging trying to take photos for the Postura Project.  The hardest part is actually the pre-production: putting together the outfit, finding a photographer/friend, choosing the right spot, and prepping your face for the shot! Wootwoooh. The responses we've been getting are very encouraging but most of all, it's fun to get glam. Hard work but fun. I'll let my favorite photos scream it out for me, "It's more fun in the Philippines!" 

What is Filipino fashion for you?

It’s a question I’ve been grappling with. Because our history is so muddled and we have a wealth of subcultures, it’s hard to define with certainty what the Filipino fashion aesthetic is. It is the Barong Tagalog, but it’s also the malongs from Mindanao. It’s the bahag and it’s Imelda’s butterfly sleeves. I find myself pouring through Filipino encyclopedias to take inspiration from the past and I try to bring that out in modern fashion.

Who is the ultimate Filipino fashion icon/ who is your fave Filipino designer?

There are too many amazing designers in the Philippines but the ones that have caught my eye are: Cary Santiago, Joel Escober, Joey Samson, Mich Dulce, and Len Cabili of Filip+Inna. Someday I hope to spend my hard-earned Pesoses on their creations. Right now, I love finding wearable pieces from our national costumes. I look at a Baro’t Saya and I see how I can modernize it. I drool over Philippine textiles and fawn over how our indigenous people have so much flair for combining color.

Why are you doing this 30-day challenge?

I’ve actually been doing this on my own for a while and it really was a challenge at first but soon it became a habit. A friend of mine wrote about it for Inquirer and that got the attention of Arriane. We realized this was a movement that needed a little nudge so with Sarah and David we created the Postura Project. I jumped at the opportunity immediately because of the reaction I would get when I would wear something ethnic, like an Ifugao vest. It gets people so excited. Their eyes light up at how this garment works as everyday wear. I want people to realize that they need only to look around for unique fashion finds.

What do you hope will come out of it?

I dream that someday, we will all become advocates for Pinoy brands. Perhaps then, we’ll even have a distinct look. People will travel the world because they want to see Cubao X filled with funky fashionable Filipinos. We can create our own Harajuku. It all starts with wearing something Filipino everyday and a little purpose-driven shopping.

Do check out the Postura Project  for more Filipino fashion and see my co-conspirators Arriane Serafico, Sarah Meier, and David Guison!