This play won a Palanca Award. That should lure in theater regulars. But for those who think theater is too highbrow and let’s face it,  a bit of a snooze, you’ll want to check this out.

Kapeng Barako: Samahan ng mga Bitter is unlike those plays where actors in dated costumes and mangled accents play out a Shakesperean scene high above on the stage. Here, the actors are people just like you. May mga issue at obsessed sa love life nila. The dialogue - real conversations you’d have with your friends when you catch up and have a drink. Angsty pero maraming kalokohan, kaunting landian. The stage, it’s a coffee shop set in an actual restaurant. So the whole experience is like being at your barkada hangout watching on a particularly interesting table. Hit sa mga chismosong pasimple. But in this coffee shop, you don’t have to strain your neck to hear every single thing they say. 
They want you to hear it. 

Don’t be fooled by the title. Kapeng Barako: Samahan ng mga Bitter is very sweet.
It even contains some lessons relatable lessons for those experienced in the art of love. I’m so tempted to list it here but I know that would spoil it for you. So take a shot and watch it. The last show is this Friday. But if enough people clamor for an extended run, you'll still be able to catch it in October ;) 

To inquire/book tickets, text their hotline 0915 4601108 or PM them on their Facebook Page: