This week started hectic and it's only now that I've gotten a chance to sit down and blog. After seething over the whole DOT "Pilipinas, tara na" logo debacle, I learned that things are somewhat getting better for our tourism industry 26 million tourists last year and they've shelved the, "Pilipinas Kay Ganda" Campaign. Awesome!

So, now it's time to relax and turn to nobler tasks. Like shopping for Filipino designed fashion! I saw these fab pieces on this month's issue of Metro. It's listed as a Filip+Inna design but the magazine doesn't really point you to any shops in the Philippines. When I checked online it was selling in a specialty web boutique called Indagare Souk.

I've been looking for Philippine ethnic patterned dresses like this for the longest time. Actually, I didn't think they existed so I was going to go through the trouble of having placemats turned into a wearable outfit. Can you imagine these being wearable?

Ummm... good luck to me! Now that I know it's out there, I'd rather support this quirky designer. Where oh where are you Filip+Inna?