Most people who come across my wee little blog are but passersby. They arrive here because of a specific Philippine related entry but may never come back a second-time around. I know the world won't stop because I did not post the past couple of months. So I didn't feel too awful exiting the blogosphere for a bit. Although, I feel that I do have a handful of loyal readers who might have missed me. 

This entry is dedicated to you. Just wanted to say, HELLO! I'M ALIVE.

In fact, the past couple of months have been the busiest I've ever had. Aside from busting my butt at the day job, I have brand new blog underway. It is all set to launch but I cannot reveal too much, only that I've found an amazing bunch to jump start it with me. 

So, here's a little sneak peak. 

What is a Musamanila doing with a a style stud, a senate girl, and a supermodel

A big thank you to Art Alero for our photo and to Ayala Museum for for letting us bloggers strut around their fancy exhibits.