So the blog is up! But our dream for this project is to go beyond the 4 of us. So, we'd like like to invite you (yes you!) to take part in our upcoming bloggers' challenge. The mechanics are simple:

STEP ONE: Wear something local, take a photo of your outfit, and blog about it.
o   You must be wearing at least ONE thing that’s locally made or designed. It can be your locally-made shoes, your necklace made from indigenous materials, or your shirt created by a young upcoming Pinoy graphic designer.
o   By this we mean local brands - whether big or small - as long as they’re not products imported/pre-ordered from HK/China/Korea, etc.
o   In the caption, identify the brand/s and provide their URL, if possible. You can also go the extra mile and write a bit more about the brand and what you love about it.
STEP TWO: Tweet us, or post it on our Facebook wall on MARCH 3, 2012, Saturday, 8PM (Philippine time).
o   We want everyone to post, tweet, or Facebook their #PosturaPH challenge entries at roughly around the same time, to magnify the energy of the call for fashionalism.
o   Our Facebook page can be found here.
o   Tweet us with the hashtag: #PosturaPH

Thank you again for your time, and we look forward to more collaborations with you!

We can't wait to see how you incorporate wearable pride into your outfits! You can also invite your readers to participate in the challenge as well. For ideas, you can check out our previous entries on 

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Also a huge thank you to the Art Alera for the photos. We're also grateful to the Ayala Museum for letting us do our photo shoot their. Best and most progressive museum in the Philippines!