My boyfriend is currently passed out somewhere because he's working so hard on my new blog venture along with his other "sabits". He's such an industrious young man that his Skype status is constantly, "Work work work" so I thought I'd post one of his "works" today. This is by far my favorite Esquire video. Click to see why!

I've become somewhat of a connoisseur of girly magazine videos so I'm giving this 5 out of 5. Why? 
1. It's Solenn. She's hot no matter what your gender. 
2. It makes the hard chore of doing laundry look like so much fun.
3. This video has local flair because of something every Filipino household has- a plastic batsya. 
4. The Dorques song is pure ear candy. I just want to, "lalala" all day long. (Not while doing laundry, I hope)
5. Best part is, they're a local band. OPM support!

Apparently, some people find this video offensive to women. Oh noes. I've scratched the last comment out just to be a little more sensitive.