Barely a month into writing this blog, preeminent creative forces launch I just got back from their launch party in Glorietta 5.  The Big Shift just like the name implies is a web collection of pictures, videos, and articles that show a different perspective of the country. Enough of the poverty, terrorism, and traffic! 

My blog and this website share a vision. It's actually quite similar except that they have their own domain name and have the creative backing of Team ManilaShift School, The One School, Tech Forge IT Solutions, and the Event Architects. And did I mention that they just had a live launch with really cool bands??? I could get really insecure except for the fact that I love the idea. 

The most impressive thing about Big Shift is that it's student initiated and the content will be user generated.  I believe that this is the generation of Filipinos that will ignite that much need shift in thinking. 

In order to get our beloved country off its butt, we'll need everyone to pitch in. So the more content on the web that shows love for the country, the better! Let's all join forces and contribute to the Big Shift

I'm using the large font as an experiment because it's come to my attention that people are glossing over my copy and just looking at pictures.