Early last year, I was a Mabuhay Guide spending an extraordinary amount of time in the Department of Tourism. In their offices, there are tons of brochures you can check out on the latest offerings of popular destinations in the country. This brochure about, "Living Your Dreams" stood out. The campaign done by BBDO Guerrero Proximity encouraged foreigners to buy lots and houses in the Philippines. Though, I'm not sold on the idea of selling off our land to strangers, I loved the ads and the art style.  

Here it is in print format:

BBDO Live Your Dreams Advertising CampaignDOT Live Your Dreams Advertising Campaign

These are actual paintings that were used for ads. Have a look at one artist's process in creating this.
It is delightfully meticulous. You really have to look closely to appreciate the story told by all the cutesy details. Did you spot the flying butanding (whale shark)? How about Rizal in his overcoat?  

I'm so happy they did a second installment in the campaign. Try looking for Manny Pacquiao.

Live Your Dreams Paintings

This is one campaign I would be so proud to have in my portfolio.  I also would not mind having the paintings on my wall. The art style feels so Filipino. It's color-happy, maximalist, and whimsical.
Please DOT, ask the team to create a third campaign installment.