This is what dreams are made of.

I missed a truly unearthly experience at the last Manila Fashion Week. The final show featured designs of Dubai based designer Michael Cinco. Luckily, my friend Frances Doplon was able to snap these photos. Michael Cinco is one talented Filipino and a designer to watch out for.

Cinco was born in Samar in 1971 and according to this Dubai website , his carefree childhood gave him room to really explore. Old Hollywood movies inspired him a lot which explains his dreamy highly textured dresses. His creations are mostly haute-couture and one-of-a-kind wedding dresses. One look at his stuff and you know that they are works of art- probably paid for by rich princesses in the Middle East.

His dresses which are passionately designed and painstakingly made really push me to believe that Filipinos are not geared for a mass-production. Our culture and our talents make us perfect for creating unique pieces. That's why Filipino designers like Bea Valdez and Tina Maristela Ocampo are making waves internationally. Perhaps, that's something we can all explore. Instead of trying to compete with China, we can have our own little haute couture niche. 

A little more digging on Michael Cinco and I found out that he had presented these pieces at the Dubai Fashion Week AW 2010.  I think the women of Dubai reacted pretty much the way we did. Stunned eyes followed by continuous drooling. But don't quote me on that.

Cinco  recreated the richness of the Japanese color palette with, "The Impalpable Dream of Madame Butterfly" Collection. I want a Ballet Barbie designed by him.

When I first saw Michael Cinco's work on Frances's facebook, I was floored. I've been meaning to blog about him. When I picked up a copy of this month's Preview magazine (my favorite Filipino fashion magazine) I saw that they had made him their top pick for fashion week.

With a dress that can transform from this.

To this.

In one easy motion. 

It's no surprise. He definitely deserves all the Oohlahlahs! Great job Preview. Michael Cinco is in a class of his own.

Much thanks for the fashion week photos from Frances Doplon.
Scanned pages from Preview Magazine August 2010 Edition.