I got to interview 5 talented young artists from Manila Design Week. I thought I'd let you all hear the voices behind those images. Here are the unedited interviews with the 5 student winners of the Student Freedom Wall. I asked them 4 simple things: 

1. What inspired you to create your winning work?
2. Is Manila/ Philippines inspiring to you? 
3. What are your big dreams as a designer?
4. Did you find Manila Design Week helpful as a student? 

 Claudine Delfin at lordawkward.tumblr.com
1. I’m not sure what it is exactly that inspired me but like everyone else, I wanted to be different. It’s not that I wanted to be different for the sake of being different but I guess I just wanted to bring a certain subject up that’s usually overlooked by most people. Right now, a lot of folks talk about saving the environment and making the youth more active in things that really matter. That’s great, really, but getting too much of those things from the media, the internet and what have you sometimes makes everything lose their meaning and makes one feel a bit jaded. Dogs being served as dinner may be old news, but it’s not something you get to hear about often. I just wanted to let people know that this still exists, that it’s still there.
2.   I won’t apologize for being cheesy and this isn’t pure bull but I really like this country. There’s so much to see, even (and most especially) in those places you’d never expect to see beauty in. The mystery and grunginess on the streets inspire me the most. Even just getting a glimpse of a beat up van gets me thinking, writing, doodling and creating stuff. There’s something about the neglected that makes them seem more beautiful than the pretty, cute and neat.
3.   Honestly? I want to have a good job. Wait, scratch that. I want to have a great job that would make people say “Darn, I wish I was her.” I want to learn from other designers. And I want to have plenty of money. But I want all these so that when I’m older, I could be freer and I’d have enough resources for the things I’d really want to do. I don’t want to end up feeling like a zombie or robot who lives life on autopilot. I want to be a designer who works for herself, who can manage to remain creative in the midst of demanding clients and a designer whose works matter not just to those who give her paychecks but to everyone else as well.
4.   I only went to one event so I can’t really say much based on “personal experience.” I heard a lot about it though from different people and as far as I know, it’s great. It gave us young people hope and it reminded us that we can be still be rock stars in the art world even if we start small. I mean, we all start somewhere anyway, right?

Balaram Ochangco at http://changkster.tumblr.com/ 
1. My inspiration was all about vintage, revival, or classic. I've always wanted to portrait the beauty of the past and the resurrect the old Manilian Culture.
2. Manila as whole is categorized into different inspirations, from culture, events, people, civilizations, etc. Manila is actually an gigantic artwork. The people, the lifestyles, the current events, and many more. Manila Inspires me by showing its color from black to white. Meaning to say from its hardships to its beauty Manila shows it all.
3. As for my plans. I've got no dreams to become a designer. I'm more into making small videos and editing and Photography. I'm not really a fan of designing more of a layout artist.. 
4. I found Manila Design Week from my friends Terence Eduarte and Francis Espina, who were also part of the contest. Yes I find this event helpful for students to show what they wanted to say and draw. Its like giving us students an opportunity to express and tell the nation what we have in mind (Positive or Negative). 

1. When i was still conceptualizing for a design, a very common phrase came in to my mind, "lend a hand". I scratched that idea because i thought it was too shallow and ordinary. Then out of the blue, i saw a photo of a man standing on a giant hand. I said to myself, why not design a poster literally displaying the phrase "lend a hand".
2. Outside UST, whenever i have a chance to just sit down on a bench and stare at Manila, i am fascinated to see its spectacle. It's not a usual scenery with flowers and trees, but a bustling city filled with different people buckling down on different jobs. It inspires me to work hard as a designer.
3. My greatest dream as a designer is to work on big projects for the biggest brands in world. I also want to have a gallery where all the aspiring artists and professionals can gather.
4. Manila Design Week is a designer's prelude to Christmas, but instead of gifts they share and inspire each other design. This year's MDW was a success, it helped designers, especially students to showcase their creativity and skills.

Kervin Donn Doctor at kerbintilador.deviantart.com
1. Young women of beauty pageants promoting world peace and environmental advocacy sans their baro't saya.
2. Yes. Just to experience Manila, its people and rich history plus its unpredictability is worth the inspiration.
3. Collaborating with my favorite artists and eventually, displaying those works in my future gallery/restaurant.
4. Rousing! Being able to interact with people involved taught me a lot of things I may not have been learning from school (not discounting my professors). Plus the overwhelming experience is inspiring me to create and create more meaningful works.

1. Nainspire ako sa mga taong fashionista, kung pano sila magdamit ang cool kasi eh, pero naisip ko din na kung naiisip ba nila yung mga taong nagugutom everytime na bumibili sila ng mga designer clothes. Yown!                                 
2. Oo naman, maglakad ka lang sa manila makakaisip ka na ng bagong concepts eh. Maraming part ng Manila na masarap idrawing tapos gawing cute. Actually hindi lang Manila buong Pinas siyempre, labas ka lang ng bahay maiinspire ka na eh. Number one din kasi na nakakapaginspire sa artist e yung environment na ginagalawan nya.  At siyempre yung mga tao sa paligid ko, mga prof ko, classmates, friends at pamilya ko. yown!                                                                                           
3. Simple lang naman yung saken eh, Makita ko lang yung trabaho  ko sa magazine or billboard ok na saken yun. If ever na may recognitions bonus nalang yun.                           
4. Sa mga friends saka sa internet (specifically facebook:D ) actually last year ko pa gusto sumali e hindi ko alam dati kung pano ayown. Oo sobrang helpful ng mga ganitong events para sa aming mga students kasi naeexpose kami sa mga iba’t ibang klaseng art tapos natututo din kami sa mga kapwa students namin. Isa ding ok kasi nagkakakilala yung mga magkakaibang schools at nabubuild yung respect sa bawat institutions.