This is a video of the Galleon Andalucia, a full replica of the Manila galleons that used to sail from Acapulco to Manila as early as 1565. Now, it's on its way back to Manila Bay as the Philippines hosts the International Dia del Galeon Festival 2010: History, Heritage, Habitat, and Language starting October 5. I'm actually very curious to get aboard this ancient vessel. I want to ask the Captain how it's like to control of a large multi-decked ship that's powered only by the wind. It would be pretty cool if they're also limited to using the technologies available in the 1500s but that's probably not possible. How would they blog on board?

Kudos to UNESCO for spearheading the Day of the Galleon as way to pay tribute to this crucial trade route that fostered exchanges among 32 communities, which include the Asian countries of Japan, China, Borneo, Malaysia, Vietnam (to name a few). For over 250 years, the Philippine port was an integral part of global commerce encouraging the mingling of cultures between the East to the West.

Find out more by checking out these events:

September 20 to October 8
Venues: National Museum, National Historical Commission , DOT WOW Clamshell Intramuros
A three-week interdisciplinary festival of workshops, demonstrations, exhibits, and performances with participants from the Philippines and all the continents with the Galleon Trade experience Participants (artists and cultural workers) include 40 from abroad and 100 from the Philippines.
 ·           Workshops on arts and heritage
 ·           Collaborative workshops on cultural exchange
 ·           Theatrical production of Miguel Sabido's Juana la Loca
 ·           Literary and visual art exhibits

October 5: De la Salle University, Taft
October 6: University of Sto. Tomas, Manila
A forum organized by the Philippine Academic Consortium of Latin American Studies, which will bring together scholars to share current research.   This year's theme is "The Bicentennial of the Independence of Latin American Nations."
 ·           The emergence of Latin American identities including the role of culture and language in nationhood
 ·           Independence movements, personalities, and leaders
 ·           Post-Colonial Development, including national and regional histories
 ·           Parallelism in the Philippines
Results of the ARTES TALLERES will be showcased in this conference as modular artistic models showcasing themes on the Galleon Phenomenon (Then and Now) and on the Independence Movements of nations impacted by the Galleon Trade.

October 6 to 8
A harvest of performances and media arts modules reflecting on the themes of the Galleon Trade through its history and impact. It will include multi-cultural performances, with a climatic production of Juana la Loca by Mexican playwright Miguel Sabido. The play will fuse Spanish and Filipino languages in a unique intercultural dialogue involving a multinational cast.
A replica of the 17th Century Galleon from Spain will dock in the Manila Pier for public viewing. Guests can climb aboard and view the traveling museum.

October 8
An intercultural dialogue and culminating activity for workshop participants and guests. This will include presentations, creative industry exhibits, and declarations for unified action on the themes and impact of the Galleon Trade.
Major resolutions and artistic results will be highlighted by special messages from the Heads of State of the three main countries of Spain, the Philippines, and Mexico. This special program will be beamed in a simultaneous international broadcast.

October 8 to 11
A four-day educational trip from Manila to Cebu with on-board activities and tours around Cebu. The conference and workshop participants will lead the activities, to be shared to youth passengers.
 ·           On-board seminars, interactive performances, exhibits
 ·           On-land Galleon Trade significance re-enactments, city and heritage tours

A series of commemorative events and gestures will be programmed to provide focus and emphasis to this international celebration.
 ·           Commemorative Stamp displaying the Galleon Trade route
 ·           Bilingual declamation and oratorical contests
 ·           Pilgrimage to the 35 Philippine heritage churches

For more information log onto, email or call 527-2192 local 616.