Charice Then 

Even at the age of 12, Charice had the pipes of a diva. This video of her in what seems like a karaoke bar proves it. Recently, she sang this very same song, "Listen" during the first episode of Glee Season 2. The tune hit no. 1 on iTunes sales. People on the internet are also saying that her version topples Beyonce's original recording any day. But all that boast-worthy info aside, it was pure fun watching Glee. The episode was tight, well-written, and exciting. Killer zingers by Sue Sylvester and a very memorable abs appearance by Mike Chang. Charice, the singing Pacquio of the Philippines, making a guest appearance was merely icing on the cake. Her acting needs some polishing but is not unforgivable. Her singing of the song, "Listen" during the auditions was poignant after you learn about her story. It gives you goosebumps not only because she's got a 10-octave voice but because you hear the truth in her singing. 

Well, for all your hardships Charice. Congratulations. The world is listening now.

Charice Now