I've been mulling over whether or not I should go to Greenwich and buy pizzas just so I can get the Eraserheads Box Set. I'm still undecided. But I definitely think this is a nifty Christmas gift idea for any Pinoy rocker. This tin can contains the hits of the now defunct Eraserheads- considered the Beatles of the Philippines.

The Eraserheads: The Heads Set. 
(I appreciate the play on words. Really, I do.)

Personally, I came of age with their album Circus. It was just mind-blowing. I remember listening to that cassette over and over again.  The first gig I went to as a teenager was an E-heads concert. I bought all their albums, even their experimental Christmas album along with the book accompaniment. When they had their first (supposedly last) reunion concert, I was at the VIP section. The only reason why I'm thinking twice about this is because I have to eat a ton of pizza do get it, and I'm quite loyal to Pizza Hut. Sorry. It had to be said.   

The story of the Eraserheads is sad but not uncommon with bands who hit the big time. They started out as a naive young college act, blossoming into a Pinoy phenomenon, that broke up at the height of their career because of creative differences and personal issues. But they lasted a good 13 years,  from 1989-2002. And now, two of them are still very active in the scene. Former frontman Ely Buendia is the vocalist for Pupil and former drummer Raymond Marasigan is the vocalist for Sandwich. It's great that they've found their place but it's left a lot of E-heads pining for more.  

Now, you can have all their works for the price of 3 pizzas, 3 large drinks, 3 bigatin meals, and 30,000 calories. But for that you will be rewarded with digitally remastered classics. 10 albums total plus
a DVD on the E-heads adventures throughout the years entitled, "Pop-u-mentary". It also has a commemorative tee, a photo memento book, and lyrics. 
(Ultraelectromagneticpop!, Circus, Cutterpillow, Fruitcake, Bananatype EP
Stickerhappy, Aloha Milkyway, Natin 99, Carbon Stereoxide, Dirty Little Treasures)

Find out the details on how to get your own here. Thanks to Noisy Noisy Man for the photos and for the timely review. I totally agree with him. This is a steal for its price. And if you grew up on the E-heads like I did, you'll want to have this. I just wished that Greenwich would also organize an Eraserheads Box Set signing. That would just seal the deal.