The Philippines is notoriously known for having the longest Christmas season in the world- spanning from September all the way to January. Right about now, Filipinos are drafting their impressive gift lists which includes everyone they know from their loved ones to their building security guard. With that in mind, I've decided to compile the longest list of absolutely awesome Filipino made Christmas gifts. 

My first recommendation are these great finds from Lucky Monkey. Because men need their bling too, Dante Dizon and Noli Coronado created a line of heavy duty rings. I think they can double as weapons.

Technically, these things are for men. The perfect gift for biker boyfriends and dads who want to relive their days as bad-asses (before they were whipped to submission by their headstrong wives.) But personally, I wouldn't mind getting one. The character and texture of the pieces are so rock 'n' roll. 

Dante is an old friend from advertising and it's inspiring how he's managed to squeeze time from his busy schedule to pursue his passions. This team up with Noli, an established artist/sculptor is pure win. I think there are even ongoing talks between collaborations with Japanese artists. Fantastic. 

Inspired by the hardware on their bikes, the pair created works of wearable art that reflect their rough and ready lifestyle. Dante even said that the blackened finish is inspired by the burnt oil on his bike. For all its grunginess, these pieces don't come cheap. I think they're selling them for P10,000 + -something you need to save up for but worth every penny if it's for that special somebody. 

Order bling for your lucky monkey by emailing Dante and Noli here.