Google Chrome Theme by AJ Dimarucot

I was at a blog event yesterday hosted by Google, a company hell bent in conquering our online world. They've now officially launched their browser: Google Chrome. So what is a browser? If you're not sure, don't feel bad. Only 8% of Americans knew. Most people think it's where you type up your search terms or it's a person who browses through the net. In non-techie terms, it is the software (you know, that icon you click) that lets you get to the internet to view and navigate through websites and download or upload stuff. Google Chrome is said to be faster, more stable, more search-friendly, and more user-friendly. But really, what caught my attention were several Google Chrome Themes designed by Filipino artists.

AJ Dimarucot, Aranaz, Arnold Arre, Carlos Celdran, Corey Cruz, Dan Matutina, Karen Gosingan. Drew Europeo, Electrolychee, Paul Guadakomeda, SOFA Manila. Team Manila, and Yabang Pinoy.

Download Chrome and you can get these nifty themes
It's like having changeable wallpaper for your net browsing.

 Aranaz Bags
 Space Mananagal

 Corey Cruz

 Drew Europeo


I think I'm going to get the last one- Just-Tiis League. Loosely translated, it means "just bear the suffering" league, and it's a pun on the popular American "Justice League". Based on a set of everyday superheroes created by Electrolychee, it's a humorous take on the travails of five ordinary Pinoys making a living from blue collar jobs.