Right now, I'm plopped up in a bed in a cozy room in Panglao, Bohol. I can't muster up the strength to blog about anything that requires too much effort. Dare I say it, I'm on vacation! So, I thought I'd post some old photos my boyf and I took early this year when we went on an out of town trip to Subic! This was when I was toying around with starting a purely Filipino fashion blog, but alas it's difficult to dress head to toe in Filipino brands. What I try to do to support the Filipino fashion industry is to wear at least one Filipino branded item for every outfit. Also, I try my bestest to buy local. For these looks, I was able to get not one, but three Filipino things. Have a look see what they are: 

If you guessed Ifugao bead necklace and hat then you got two correct. But since you can't see my slippers, I posted a close-up. I love these slippers! They're comfy plus they have loads of cute detail. I got these three items from Kultura- a Filipino souvenir shop that a lot of locals tend to pass up on when doing their shopping. Each of these items cost from P100- P150. 

Dress from H&M.