I saw these photos from Brendan Goco's facebook album and I was enthralled. I had to see this exhibit for myself.Jamie Oscar Salazar explains what this collection is about: The displacement involves dis-location and dis-ease, which is to say thought out of joint and feeling out of key (as well as reverse). Living as we do, however, in a world that is a flux, a world that is every time and everywhere contested, displacement can also be liberative and transformational, invigorating the imagination toward the creation of a different future: a reality that is not limited tot he price of tomatoes and eggs. The result of which is, "You Are Not Here" works of art by Zeus Basco, Jigger Cruz, Mica Cabildo, Marcus Nada, AJ Omandac, Katwo Peurtollano, Nico Puertollano, and Bernie Sim. 

Window Displace by Marcushiro 

Kiss with A Fist by Katwo Puertollano

The Last Defense by Bru

Soft Chess Set by Mica Cabildo 

Miss Memory by AJ Omandac 

Structure of Ironies by Zeus Bascon 

The works are lovely but what jumped out for me was the Soft Chess Set.  Chess is a game that symbolizes power and strategy and yet here, it is made from the same material used for a  baby's bonnet and socks. That for me evokes displacement, a feeling of disjointedness and wonder. When you shake up a person's mind, it's bound to think different and instigating all sorts of questions. Notice how the pawns are facing towards the king and the queen in a bowed position- in mock subservience of the equally soft rulers. This is something that may not have been intended by the artist but it sparked my interest. The Goodbye cross-stitch was also very fascinating. It made me think of how we always see one side of a farewell, but fail to realize that parting is also a chance for a new beginning. So there is merit in being able to see what's ahead. 

I love going to galleries and having thoughts like these pop up. 

Check it out at Pablo Gallery 
from Oct. c16- Nov. 14
Unit C-11, South of the Market Condominium
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

Thanks to the talented Brendan for the photos. Only 1, 7, and 8 were by me.