I found these stamps from Bench Pinoy Lab. Neato. Except for the teensy-weensy fact that it's called Baybayin and not Alibata.

When the Spanish “discovered” our islands they branded us as savages but we were actually quite civilized. How so? We could all communicate in a language of our own making. This language was the early version of Tagalog. It looked similar to Arabic script and that’s why it was mistakenly called Alibata (ABC in Maguindanao Arabic). But the correct term is Baybayin because each letter is a baybay or a syllable. So a word like, “Musa” is spelt out in two words instead of four.

I’ve always toyed around with learning Morse Code for that opportune day when communicating in secret becomes absolutely necessary. But why not use Baybayin instead. I found easy instructions on how to learn it from this useful website. For those who just want a kick of seeing their name in Baybayin. Here’s a free website that translates words for free!  I found it amusing that the author had to put a disclaimer at the bottom because people have been using the website to translate names for tattoos. Not a bad idea, eh? Why choose Chinese characters when we have 17 characters of our own to choose from?