Mount Pinatubo – this is the mega monster volcano that erupted in 1991 wiping nearby provinces off the map.  The largest eruption in the living world’s memory, it dislocated thousands and powdered places as far as Manila with volcanic ash. But now all that dust and fury has settled. The settling is quite a site.

Traveling to the top, we made a slow scenic walk through what seemed like different continents: passing by strange rock formations, a dry crackled riverbed, hills that looked like melted Toblerone bars. All fascinating textures to keep trekkers gaping. It was nothing compared to the unearthly lake on top.

Mineral rich blue waters lure you in to wade and explore. It had a mesmerizing serenity that made you forget what it was underneath- the mouth of an active volcano.

I wish I could say that I had planned to wear this dress on the mountain but I didn’t. After an on-the-spot swimming session on the sulfuric lake, I got really sticky and begged my friend Lea for a change of clothing. She lent me a dress with a color that mirrored the hue of the lake. It inspired many photo junkies to click away. That day I came to be known as, “The girl who climbed Pinatubo in a dress”. In a way, that day inspired me to put up this blog.

Thank you to my wonderful friend Yambs for the photos.