Kidlat is the local advertising award given by the Creative Guild- a collective of Filipino advertising creatives. At the last award's season, this spot was awarded TVC of the decade. I think because it brings out a very real but rare sentimentality in us. You will almost never see a fast food ad where the store is dimly lit, the customers are scant, and the main characters order the basic meal choice. It’s not our usual over the top drama or hyperactive comedy.

On a deeper level, it appeals to every Filipino who has a grandparent. Filipinos are quite attached to their elders. When other cultures ignore them after a certain age, we still allow them to influence our decisions. The West thinks that it’s perfectly okay to send them away, we like to keep them close. This is Filipino culture. We put up with our annoying senile oldies because we love them.

If only, this spot was for Jollibee (The no. 1 fast food in the country and touted to be the Filipino McDonald's), I’d be totally sold. (Although, I’m very biased in the Jollibee department.)