A recent article from the New York Times hailed Boracay as the next Phuket.
This is what I think about that. These photos were taken last April - peak beach season here in the Philippines.

I loved Boracay the first couple of times that I went. But each time I returned, the trash kept multiplying. On my last trip, I couldn’t take it anymore. I started picking up plastic bags and cigarette butts from the shore. Not really my idea of a vacation.

This year I was thinking of going because of the Kidlat Advertising Awards. I wanted to hang out with my ad agency friends, have fun in the sun, and get very very drunk. That changed when everyone’s Facebook pics started popping up. Boracay is one hot mess. If the provincial government of Aklan want their little island to become a top tourist destination, they’d better find a way to clean up their act.

Photos care of Tim Villela.