I love the look of the woman on this photo. She has such a sultry “Yes, I know. I’m  beautiful and oh so bored.” expression that’s so modern. Compare it to this other photo I found recently from a fashion blog.

Both are fierce and yet the first one was taken around the 1870’s – more than 100 years ago. The first woman is a Sangley Filipina meaning Chinese Filipina but I have a feeling that she had some European blood in her. Look at that nose and those cheekbones. If my theory is correct, then they’re both Eurasians. Filipinos are so ahead of the trend!

The first photo was taken from one my favorite facebook fan pages: Old Photos Philippines. Become a fan and look at the photo historian’s extensive collection! Kudos to him or her for actually finding this photo at the Musee De L'Homme in Paris.