I'm getting riled up for this photo competition being held by Alliance and Silverlens. The title of the exhibit says it all, "I'm 20 years old in my country". So I've been gathering my thoughts, trying to look for some inspiration. When I think of youth in the Philippines, Jake Versoza's "Punk Phenomenon" inevitably comes to mind.

The images are portraits of the Philippine youth typically categorized as jologs or low-brow. But he has captured them at their best - with their barkada (gang in Filipino), in DIY designed clothes, and  right before the rowdiest concert of the year- The Pulp Summer Slam 2007.

Chin up, with devilish grins, cheery even in ominous clothing. They epitomize the youth of the Philippines.

Jake is a World Press trained photojournalist and a seasoned fashion photographer here in in the Philippines. I worked with him indirectly for a mobile phone sponsored competition. From what I've gathered, he seems like someone who loves his country. So kudos to you, Mr. Versoza. I hope you can update your folio. It's looking awesome so far.