Nowadays, there are hardly any occasions when one can wear a Terno- a traditional Filipino dress that's seamless, long, with signature "butterfly" sleeves. Once we're out of school and done with the mandatory Filipiniana themed-events and folk dances, when else can we wear the Terno? Well, if you were invited to take part in last Wednesday's Presidential Inauguration, this would be it! Nothing like a new president to bring out everyone's nationalistic ideals and patriotic fashion sense.


Liz Uy who styles for the Philippine's most progressive fashion magazine, "Preview"
can now add styling the Phlippine's most progressive president, "Noynoy Aquino" to her resume.
(Ok, I'm pushing it with the Noynoy optimism. One can hope right.)
Politics aside, she made this vintage frock fresh and modern. 

Mylene looked simple and stunning. I love how understated and easy she made this look.


This is the president's lady love. I'm not so fond of her gown but she is so pretty. 
(So pretty that I get uncomfortable seeing her beside Noynoy.)
He's the first unmarried Filipino president. Strange. But I'm glad they haven't caved in to public pressure to get hitched.

A lot of people found Charice's gown ridiculous. Most comments compared her to Snow White. But I thought the dress was cute. A little odd and more appropriate for girls in the 14-16 age range but still cute.  She could have added some glam with the right hairstyle and make up.


I find it funny how the sisters chose to wear similar outfits except for Kris. 

Jokes on her though because her sisters looked the part. 
Her yellow dress was a fluffy mess. Maybe that's why Baby James looks scared in his tiny Barong. (Mommy killed Big Bird.)

Admittedly, I'm not the biggest Noynoy supporter but after his speech at the Inauguration, I'm happy that he won. I just pray that he can accomplish what he's promised which is basically good clean governance.

Side Note: I find it ironic how Ternos have become the default fashion at political functions such as this. But the one who popularized doing so was none other than Imelda Marcos who is rumored to have been responsible for the assassination of President Noynoy's father- the late Benigno Aquino. 


Love her or hate her? We can't seem to get away from her.